Margo, Physiotherapist (Bulk Bills)

Margo can assist with:

  • Moves & Measures for Diabetes patients
  • Back care and treatment
  • Development in Childhood physical development
  • Sensory motor components of learning disorders
  • Disability management
  • Complete medical aids subsidy scheme
  • Musculoskeletal treatments and more
Ed Mosby, Psychologist (Bulk Bills)

Edward was born in the Torres Strait on Waiben (also known as Thursday Island), traditional land and sea’s of the Kaurareg people. Ed holds full registration as a Generalist Psychologist and is currently the Principal Psychologist and Director of Wakai Waian Healing. He has worked in both State Government Mental Health Services and Indigenous Community based organisations.  Edward specialises in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in the area’s of mental health, social and emotional well-being, community safety promotion, trauma, grief, loss, family and domestic violence. He is a member of Indigenous Allied Health Australia (IAHA), the Australian Indigenous Psychologist Association (AIPA) and the Australian Psychologist Society (APS).

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Midwifery Clinic Team