Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Sunshine Coast & Gympie Child & Family Wellbeing

REFOCUS strongly believes and knows in its experience in providing supports the importance of providing a holistic service to capture all the health and wellbeing needs of children and families by building on strengths of families and communities and focusing on the four key principles of physical health, mental health, spiritual health and family health.

The Child and Family Wellbeing Hub will be a place of respect, journey (pathways) and healing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as they come to realise that this holistic traditional approach of Mind, Body, Spirit and Family will be grounded on respect, humility, compassion, honesty, truth, sharing and love where their path to wellness is a connection to community and country where “living, breathing, touching and feeling” country will give all our Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people a sense of belonging.

Child & Family Wellbeing Programs
  1. Indigenous Triple P – Parenting program

  2. Circle of Security – Attachment program

  3. Happy Bubs – For mums and newborns

  4. Kai Kai – Learn how to budget, shop and cook for your family

  5. Man Up – Men’s Business and culture

  6. You Matter – Healing and self-empowerment

  7. Intensive Case Managing – Providing in home support