“Anyone who uses this service would benefit from them. They are brilliant. They took culture into account and the support around my culture was to the highest of standard.”

Jayleene Gilbert

“The assistance that I received… has made the world of difference to mine and my daughters life.”


“With the help and support of REFOCUS… we have a stronger family unit.” “Our voices and opinions were listened to and we felt valued and a part of he while process.” “They made us feel empowered by the knowledge they taught us and the strategies they taught us to put into place.”

Theresa Flynn

“For me personally the REFOCUS team have done many things. They guided me when I was lost they empowered me when I was weak. They gave me a voice when mine was absent.” “I have never felt like there was a question that was too small or stupid; I have never felt out of place with any of the workers.” “Without REFOCUS there to help Indigenous families, many families would be lost.” “I don’t know where I would be today without them.”

Maneisha Jones, Kabi Kabi (Gubi Gubi) Tribe, Sunshine Coast

“Without the service I would have never ventured out and I wouldn’t be the woman I am now.”

Tracey Nicholson

REFOCUS has assisted me and my family… to work together to make our family stronger, give us a voice and encourage us not to feel ashamed. REFOCUS made us feel culturally connected, very welcoming, very friendly, consistent, kind, has a great deal of respect for us and we do of REFOCUS and non judgemental.

Mandy PachecoElder