Family Participation Program

Are you and your family involved with child safety?

Can’t understand what child safety is talking about?

Feel like you’re not being heard or that the goal posts keep getting moved?

We at REFOCUS are ready to walk, hear and guide you on this journey…Because we know that families can take care of their jarjums, you know what works well for your family and you also know that some things need to change to keep our jarjums strong, happy and at home where they belong.

What can we do for you:

Focused on Family Focused on You

  1. We ensure that your voice is being heard in child safety and family led meetings

  2. You are involved in every decision being made about your jarjums and family

  3. We help you gather the family members and support networks that you want at the table

  4. We can help you understand what child safety is saying about your family and how they work

  5. If you choose a family member to be an ‘Independent Person’ for you we can support and train them as your IP

  6. We can link you in with supports and programs that may be needed for your families plan

  7. Together we can create a strong and happy home that the family will stay together in

How do you make the connections with us…

As soon as you feel that you may get involved with child safety or are involved with child safety you can let them know that you would like REFOCUS to be involved as an:

OR you can call your nearest REFOCUS office and our team will be ready to help you with a self-referral to our FPP service:

  • North Lakes: 5408 8199
  • Rosemount/Nambour: 5442 3992
  • Gympie: 5417 4483

Your information will be treated with respect and will be kept in a confidence unless a child is being harmed or at risk of being harmed

Focused on Family Focused on You