• GPs have the right not to prescribe S8 or S4 prescriptions.  If a prescription of this type is required
  • No S8 Medication will be prescribed over the phone, you must attend the practice if you require this medication
  • Patient is to complete a transfer of records (Please note: Records may take 2-3 weeks to be received)
  • A treatment contract for S8 or S4 will be agreed between GP and Patient (This may prevent patient being listed as a doctor shopper)
  • Please book with the same GP if a treatment contract is in place.  If a different GP is seen this GP have the right not to prescribe the medication
  • New Patient appointments 15mins with Nurse for social, family & history then 30 mins with GP. If you have 2-3 health concerns please request a longer appointment
  • Gunyah of Wellness operates an appointment and walk in system. A standard appointment is usually adequate to deal with most health issues. If you are making an appointment for an insurance or employment medical, procedure or complex/ multiple medical problems, please book a longer appointment.
  • Please ensure a separate appointment is made for each family member.
  • Appointments are made at 15-minute intervals.
  • Appointment slots are held aside each day for same day urgent reviews, walk-ins, or sick children.
  • If you miss an appointment without notifying the practice it will be noted as a ‘Did not attend.’  IF you miss 2 appointments without notifying the practice you will be unable to make appointments and can only walk in to wait for an appointment if a GP approves (refer to walk-in process)
  • An Online Appointments facility is now available through our website


  • We are a mixed-billing clinic. If you are under 16, Hold a concession Card, or are registered for Closing the Gap, you will be bulk billed.
  • Patients without Medicare will be charged $50 – $150
  • Workers’ compensation accounts will be billed to WorkCover or your employer, however, should liability not be accepted for the injury then the account will be your responsibility. Please ensure that you have your claim number available.
  • Certain procedures may have an out of pocket expense. Your doctor will advise you if there is any out of pocket expense.


  • If you or someone you know is unwell enough to call us, we know you’ll want to see a doctor right away. That’s why we have a same day policy (or next available appointment *note below). The appointment may not be with your usual doctor, and a wider variety of available times will be disclosed dependent on the time of day we are first notified of your desire to book    an appointment, but we always do our best to accommodate your unique needs. *Please note from time to time there are emergencies, and on rare occasions this policy may not apply.


  • We know it can be difficult sometimes to remember appointments. Our patients are reminded to attend appointments by SMS or phone call within 24 hours prior to appointment time. If you are unable to attend appointment, please cancel as soon as possible.
  • If you miss an appointment without notifying the practice it will be noted as a ‘Did not attend.’  IF you miss an appointment, you may incur a $10 Did not attend fee


  • No one likes to be kept waiting. Our staff respect this and try to adhere to appointment times. The unpredictable nature of a medical practice means that consultations sometimes last longer than anticipated. We sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to patients when we are behind schedule.
  • Please feel free to phone our surgery to check whether your appointment will be on time
  • Reception will also try to phone you advising of any delay.
  • If you require any assistance, please consult our friendly staff.


  • In order to monitor your health and fulfill our ethical and legal responsibilities, we require that you attend your doctor (or if your usual doctor is not available, one of the other doctors) in order to receive further prescriptions for your medications


  • We believe almost all problems are best dealt within the consultation. However, you can contact the doctors during surgery opening hours. The receptionist will take a message if the Doctor is in consultations. In the emergency, your call will be put through. Please keep your call brief. Our emails are not encrypted. Please take care of sharing any of your confidential information.


  • It is the policy of this practice to have all patients return for a consultation for their results. In certain circumstances the nurse will be authorized to give results over the phone.


  • Please be mindful Gunyah of Wellness is under surveillance 24/7, therefore any behaviours of concern can be reported to local authorities.


  • Patients are encouraged to take advantage of free vaccines made available by the Federal and State Governments. Please ask our nursing staff or your doctor for further details.
  • For those planning travel overseas, we require you to visit your GP.


  • Please remember: – If you have a medical emergency telephone ‘000’ for immediate care.
  • Gunyah of Wellness Gympie contract a medical deputising service for after-hours medical care: House Call Doctor 13 55 66
  • Gunyah of WellnessNambour contract a medical deputising service for after-hours medical care: National Home Doctors 13 74 25
  • The afterhours deputising service offers home visits after hours which are classified as: Mon – Fri: From 6.00pm to 8am | Saturday and Sunday: 8am- 12pm


  • Whatever your preferred language, we can help you organize an interpreter to assist with any language barriers. We also arrange interpreters through NABS, National Auslan Interpreter Service, for our deaf patients.
  • NABS National Auslan Website
  • Gunyah of Wellness uses the Telephone Interpreter Service 1300 131 450 when required. We can organize an “over the phone” service or with 48 hours’ notice an “on-site” service. Telephone Interpreting Services website.


  • Your medical information is confidential; however, Gunyah of Wellness often forwards certain medical information to other medical organizations such as the Immunisation Register. This is a normal practice and is only for the benefit of the patient. Information at Gunyah of Wellness is handled according to the present Privacy Act. Should you require further details, please speak to the Practice Manager.
  • Please note referrals cannot be back dated for legal purposes.


  • Home visits are not offered through Gunyah of Wellness.
  • Gunyah of Wellness Gympie contract a medical deputising service for after-hours medical care: House Call Doctor 13 55 66
  • Gunyah of WellnessNambour contract a medical deputising service for after-hours medical care: National Home Doctors 13 74 25


  • A certificate may only be issued after an examination by a doctor, so please make an appointment for this


  • We genuinely wish to hear from you. From time to time this practice invites patients to complete questionnaires on their views of the practice and how it could be improved. These surveys are completely confidential and help us to improve our services. We believe that problems are best dealt with through the practice. Indeed, we want to know if you are concerned about any aspect of our service. However, if you feel there is a problem you may wish to take outside, you may prefer to contact the Chief Operating Officer or Office of the Health Ombudsman 133 OHO (133 646) or you can make an online enquiry via the website on