Recognised Entity

The role of the Recognised Entity is to participate in decision making about any significant decisions and be available for consultation about decisions in relation to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child/ren who come into contact with Child Safety.

Recognised Entity will assist with
  1. Helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children and families to understand the purpose, processes and implications of departmental intervention

  2. Provide information about a child and is or her family, relationships, community connections, island, clan, mob and / or language group and location

  3. Provide information about communication / engagement strategies to assist with culturally appropriate planning, decision-making and intervention

  4. Provide information to the Children’s Court, about a child and his or her Aboriginal traditions or Torres Strait Islander customs

  5. Get involved with the planning, decision making and information intake phase of child protection intervention

  6. Participate in the investigation and assessment and in decision making about the investigation and assessment outcome

  7. Participate on planning for, and decision making about, applications to the Children’s Court for child protection orders

  8. Assisting in decision making about referrals to early intervention services

  9. Participate in family group meetings and case plans reviews

  10. Assist in the development of case plans and cultural support plans

  11. Participate in planning for and decision making about an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child’s placement including identifying placements that comply with placements in the Child protection Act 1999, section 83

  12. Provide information about individuals or families who may be appropriate, safe. Compatible kinship carers for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child

  13. Participate in the investigation and assessment of a notification in relation to an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander child who has been harmed in out-of-home care

  14. o Providing cultural advice in relation to decision making and planning for family contact, reunification and transition from care